Marine, RV & Camper Water Tanks

Custom Fitted for No Leaks

Your RV or boat needs a water or holding tank that won't leak or crack. These rotomolded poly tanks are strong (nearly unbreakable), reliable and affordable. Tailored to the exact size you need, we place the fittings exactly where you need them for easy installation. You'll find that we have the best prices, and they also are tailored to fit perfectly for easy installation and longevity. Nearly unbreakable, they are made using a rotomold process, producing an exceptionally strong seamless tank that will not leak, and boasts a 3/8" thick poly wall. We take pride in providing RV, Marine and Camper Water Tanks that you can count on. Simply put, we provide the best quality tanks. Call us today and see how affordable they are!

Marine Water Tanks


RV Tanks

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Camper Tanks

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Rotomolded Storage Compartments

When embarking on thrilling adventures, be it on land or water, maintaining order is crucial. Our range of storage compartments offers the ideal solution for keeping your life well-organized. These compartments not only ensure a tidy living space but also promote cleanliness and safety. Effortlessly stow your gear, equipment, tools, and personal items in a convenient and easily accessible manner. Crafted using the robust poly rotomold process, these storage compartments boast exceptional strength. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes to perfectly suit your individual requirements.

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Battery Boxes

Ensure the security and longevity of your boat and RV batteries with our cutting-edge battery boxes. Crafted using an innovative poly rotomold process, these boxes are specifically engineered to shield your batteries from challenging environmental conditions and deliver unmatched durability and strength. Rest easy knowing that your batteries are well-protected and ready to power your adventures, no matter how demanding they may be.

  • Battery Box GRP-31-S
  • Double Battery Box End X End GRP-31-DE
  • Double Battery Box Side X Side GRP-31-DS
  • Optima Battery Box GRP-34-SO

Custom Molded Poly Tanks

Discover the perfect durable and cost-effective solution for your personal, commercial, agricultural, and industrial needs with our custom poly roto molded tanks. Through our innovative manufacturing process, we create seamless, one-piece tanks that offer exceptional strength and reliability—eliminating the risk of seams breaking or leaking. These tanks are designed to securely hold a wide range of liquids, ensuring versatility for various applications. Additionally, their corrosion and chemical-resistant properties make them ideal for withstanding harsh environments and handling a diverse array of substances. Trust our custom poly roto molded tanks to meet your specific requirements with unwavering performance and durability.

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