Applicator Tanks

Plastic Watering Tanks

Question: (Texas) I am looking for applicator tanks that I can use around my farm. Is this something that you supply?

plastic water tankAnswer: We do offer several plastic tanks styles have been used as an applicator tank. Some of the most popular models include the horizontal tank with sump, the low profile elliptical tanks, and the rectangular transportation tanks.

Designed to provide you with flexibility and long-term use, these tanks have been molded from the polyethylene material for high resistance to several different materials. This has allowed them to be used for:

  • Agricultural Watering
  • Fertilizing Crops
  • Watering Livestock
  • Spray Applications

Due to its ability to hold several different materials, tanks are often washed and used for multiple different liquids.

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Horizontal Tanks with Sumps

plastic water tankThe Horizontal Water Tanks features a round design that mounts easily to the front and sides of tractors. Specs on this tank include:

  • 1.5 Specific Gravity for water and fertilizers
  • Band Grooves for securing to vehicles
  • Sump for fast draining
  • Gallon Marker for fast content level gauging
  • FDA approved resin


Elliptical Tanks

elliptical tanksAs opposed to the horizontal unit, the Elliptical Tank features a more elongated shape and a lower profile. This has helped it to store larger capacities. It is also a favorite for placement on the front of the tractors without restricting the driver's view.

  • Black or White models available
  • Sump for full and complete draining
  • Carefully placed fill well for added safety and storage convenience
  • 1.5 Specific Gravity
  • Molded Grooves for placing bands


Transport Tanks

rectangular tanksThe Rectangular Tanks feature a compact rectangular design that makes them easy to transport around different locations. Their easy-to-manage shape as made them a favorite for small spot spraying jobs, pressure washing and pest control.

  • Self-Supporting Rectangular Shape
  • Easy to Manage
  • Fits on pickup trucks
  • Black or White exterior tanks available

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