About Plastic Water Tanks

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Storage and Containment Choices for All Your Liquid Needs

About Plastic Water Tanks: We are an international company that strives to provide you with multiple containers for safely storing, containing, and controlling your liquids. While other companies can only offer tanks based on one material or design, we offer tanks made from various materials, shapes, and sizes to help best meet your needs.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that finding the best liquid storage option requires a wide range of choices and models. While we offer many tanks with standard sizes and materials for every day use, we also aim to meet the needs of those larger or unique storage requirements through custom manufacturing.

Every liquid storage need requires a tank that with the liner, inner material, compatible fabric or outer strength capable of handling your liquids. For this reason, we personally asses every individual request to provide the best, most accurate storage options.

What Makes Us Different?

Plastic Water Tanks has liquid storage products so we can provide our customers with many different options for storing, containing, and controlling their liquid. We knew that liquid storage often requires flexibility and strict compatibility with your material. For this reason, we aimed to make our product selection as versatile and flexible as possible.

Tanks on our site include models made from the polyethylene, fiberglass, and polypropylene materials. To help insure safety, these tanks are either built with FDA approved resins or matched with a compatible liner to fit the type of liquid containment or storage you wish to achieve.

The use of this type of material not only provides you with more options, but also gives you more assurance in what you are purchasing. We know that storing volatile liquids, such as oil, fuel, gas, and chemicals, can eat away at a tank if its not properly equipped to handle these items. That's why when we know you are storing this type of liquid, we make sure the storage tank you receive is either naturally compatible with your liquid or lined with the proper material.

We also know that even the storage of water can be a complex assignment. One tank designed for the storage of gray water does not mean that is also capable of being used for drinking water. This is why instead of requiring you to take the chance that a tank is right for you, we work with you make sure the storage container you choose can safely store your liquid for as long as you need.

What Benefit Does This Mean for You?

As opposed to companies that only supply products, we offer you flexibility and more choices. We don’t want to provide you with a product that partially meets your needs—we want to provide you with one that meets all your requirements and then some.  When you work with us, you are working with an international sales, marketing and manufacturing team committed to finding a storage and containment option that matches your exact requirements.

If we encounter a storage request that is unique or has special specifications, we consult with our experts and manufacturers for you to find a storage option that can meet your demands. Finding a tank that better fits your location or the type of material you need to store, often means finding a tank that will last longer and keep your materials safer.

What Product Choices Do We Offer?

Learning about Plastic Water Tanks's product variety can help you realize your storage potential. Our storage tank selection is intended to meet several demands at once, so you have more than one option for your liquid storage needs.

We offer you a material selection that can handle contact with any liquid ranging from drinking water over chemicals to fuel. We also offer you more than one way to store the same liquid. This means that you can take your cost, space, transportation/set-up time or environmental restrictions and find an option that stays within those means.

    Learn About Our Product Choices

  • Vertical Tanks: These vertical tanks can offer a stable solution to your water storage needs. These vertical units have frequently been used as drinking water storage tanks and rainwater collection tanks. Many come with a closed top design that protects water from outside elements.
  • Underground Tanks: Underground tanks are available in both a fiberglass and polythylene design. Many feature self locking covers and ribbed designs that help the tank work in underground conditions.
  • Portable Tanks: Many of our plastic tanks feature a portable structure that allows them to be transported via pickup truck or trailer. Some styles that adapt well to this type of storage are our leg tanks, pickup truck tanks, and and transport tanks.
  • Horizontal Tanks: This classification of tanks includes rectangular tanks and legs tanks, many of which are self supporting. This helps lend them to a variety of applications including portable spray tanks, storage tanks andmore.
  • Open Top Mixing Tanks: These plastic materials are a great choice for a variety of different liquid storage types including chemicals. Many of our open top flat bottom and cone bottom tanks have been used for chemical mixing and storage.

What Are Common Uses for These Tanks?

We have worked hard to know everything about Plastic Water Tanks products to help customers find a wide range of uses for our flexible tanks. Since they offer compatibility with many different materials, several of our tanks can be used for the same type of liquid storage.

Here's a quick guide to help you learn about Plastic Water Tanks Product Uses:

  • Drinking Water Tanks: Many of our customers are looking for way to safely store drinking water in their homes, businesses, and various other locations. Drinking water tanks have FDA approved resins that make them safe for this type of water storage.
  • Gray/ Waste Water Storage: Some of you may be looking for a way to store grey or waste water. For these types of applications, we again offer various styles of plastic tanks. These storage containers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes including rectangular, cone bottom, ribbed underground, and leg tanks.
  • Septic Storage: We offer various fiberglass and polyethylene tanks designed for septic storage. All are equipped to handle elements of underground storage.
  • Portable Water Tanks: Some of our customers need a storage container that can be easily moved. For this reason, we offer many poly tanks that can be transported in the back of pickup trucks. We also offer tank & trailer systems for dust control, fire fighting efforts, watering, and more.
  • Underground Rainwater Collection: The need for rainwater collection is becoming more and more necessary by the day. To help you meet this need, we offer a large variety of rainwater collection tanks including an underground poly cistern, steel rainwater harvesting tank and system, and fiberglass tanks.
  • Emergency Water Storage Tanks: With natural disasters occurring more and more every day, we have seen the need many of you have for backup water supply. For this reason, we aim to provide you with a variety of choices including transport tanks for fast us, drinking water tanks and more.

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